Maryland Wear/Carry Permit Instruction

With the passing of the FSA 2013, unless exempt, applicants for a Wear/Carry permit must satisfy the state’s requirement of completing a 16-hour training course for new carry permits, or an 8-hour training course for permit renewals.

New applicants – answering the following questions will assist you in the preparation for carrying safely in public:

  • Have you visited the Maryland State Police website for information regarding the permitting process?
  • Have you considered the carry method suitable for your daily routine?
  • Do you own the gun you intend to carry?
  • Firearm ownership carries great responsibility. Are you willing to dedicate the time necessary to be as proficient, safe and knowledgeable, to carry a firearm in public?
  • Have you considered alternate self-defense methods?

Renewal applicants – please have the gear necessary to renew your permit:
If carrying a revolver, you will need a speed loader. Semiautomatic pistols require a spare magazine.

  • All state applications must be submitted online. Please make sure your computer can access the Sate Police website and download the application for a smoother experience.  If unable to download the application, we will provide access.
  • The Maryland Handgun Qualification License is free to all Maryland Wear/Carry permit recipients.
  • We offer multi-state license assistance to all who qualify for non resident permit, in another state.

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