Red Flag Laws…

By April 14, 2019Thoughts...

Red flag laws also known as Extreme risk Protection Orders (ERPO’s). While this author understands the goodwill and intent, this law is rife with abuse opportunities. Aside from no “due process”, the accused will have to spend a tremendous amount of money to, A) be declared fit to own a gun, B) file to return guns, C) never being allowed to know who the accuser is, thus not recover any financial loss the accused has to shell out due to the unfounded accusation.

That said, any clear thinking, law abiding citizen would report to authorities, anyone they actually thought to be a reasonable risk to the public or self. Or would they?

Hypothetical: ex-boyfriend knows ex-girlfriend is a pistol shooter and owns a couple of handguns. Ex-boyfriend is really angry he has been dumped, goes to the local police precinct and lodges an ERPO. Law Enforcement confiscates her guns for her safety. She is 110% compliant, cooperative and understanding during the confiscation process. Sadly now, she’s disarmed.

The ex-boyfriend now knows she’s without guns and ammo, and he is still angry. She gets a protective order against him. He visits her violating the protective order, after having been drinking. Unarmed, she has to hear him kick the door in, while getting police on the phone. Once he gains entry, instead of presenting a firearm capable to stop his violent attack, she presents him with the same protective order the local sheriff’s department issued to him months ago.

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Stay safe.