States law vs federal law.

By May 5, 2019Thoughts...

Due to the poorly written laws in the state of Maryland, the ambiguity concerning such handgun law, did you know?

You are prohibited from purchasing a regulated firearm in the state and country if you possess a medical marijuana card. YET, the medical card holder can obtain and lawfully be permitted to carry a firearm in public in Maryland. So um, huh?

When an applicant buys a regulated gun, applicant has to fill out a FEDERAL FORM 4473. This form asks multiple questions regarding classed/controlled substances and the use. If the applicant has applied for and activated the medical card, per state requirements, the FEDERAL FORM 4473 answers will preclude the applicant from applying for a regulated purchase or receivership of a regulated gun.

The twist:

The Wear/Carry permit in the state of Maryland is regulated by the state, which makes it a state issue, not federal. Since the state has legalized Medical Marijuana, the state can sustain an applicants request for a Wear/Carry permit, if said applicant has demonstrated the applicant isn’t a threat to the public.

Okay so, you can’t buy a gun, but you can carry one in public if you posses the medical card? Umm, okay. I’m stumped, honestly!