Of the volumes of assaults reported each year, ROAD RAGE seems to be quite frequent.

Definition of road rage

: a motorist’s uncontrolled anger that is usually provoked by another motorist’s irritating act and is expressed in aggressive or violent behavior.

Road rage can be a deescalating event, so long as emotions are in control. I used to despise tailgaters, until I became one. Incident: After having a great anniversary dinner at a fine restaurant with my wife, on the way home there was a panic urge to go to the bathroom. Our house was about fifteen minutes away when the urge became present. I exceeded speed limits and took shortcuts to get home. Unfortunately I had to get behind someone who was more than speed limit compliant in the shortcut. For the first time to my recollection of ever driving, I became a “tailgater”. And yes, I passed her on a double yellow line to get home faster.

I had a friend whose wife went into labor. He drove in the most aggressive way possible, to the hospital.

There are no answers to road rage other than realize that it may be YOU who is in an emergency situation that warrants a hurried expedition to the final destination. Above all, realize that some folks are jerks behind the wheel, yet others have a legitimate reason for driving like a jerk. Stay positive in thought and stay safe, above all be patient.