…there is a lot to be said about revolvers.  According to one of my mentors and instructor, Massad Ayoob, the revolver offers the shooter a “guaranteed five, six or seven rounds”, as opposed to the semi-auto shooter who has a “maybe” 8 to 19 rounds to shoot.  “Maybe”, because if the semiautomatic malfunctions, for whatever reason, the shooter could “maybe” get off a few rounds, then have to clear the stoppage or service the gun to get it up and running again, which takes precious time.  The failsafe revolver, on the other hand, is a machine that should be examined by most new shooters and experienced alike.  Revolvers don’t jam,  that said, revolvers that have been neglected, abused and not well cared for, can malfunction to unserviceable levels in the field, which could be interpreted  to be a “jam”, but not technically.

The simplicity and function of the revolver is fool proof, yet, as with any newly learned skill, it takes practice to achieve both confidence and proficiency.


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