Mass shootings, urban violence and suicide/murder.

By November 19, 2017Thoughts...

Mass shootings:  To my recollection, every mass shooting has taken place in a GUN FREE ZONE.  At the date of this posting, the Las Vegas shooting is still under investigation and I will remark when that investigation is complete.

To the topic, the Pulse Nightclub, FLA, San Bernadino, CA, Sutherland Springs, TX, and more.  Every venue was GUN FREE.  Proving only the law abiding citizen obeys the law and GUN FREE ZONES are killing fields.  Bad guys don’t obey the law.

Urban Violence:  I am always at a loss to understand the mantra “gun violence”, when in actuality it is  violence, period.  GUN VIOLENCE?  How can an inanimate object be violent?  Unfortunately many folks have been led to believe the gun was at fault for catastrophes endured.  This is a false narrative/opinion.  Guns can be no more at fault for a tragedy than a car or swimming pool.  In the urban community, criminals thrive in drug turf wars, “customers” who want stuff for free-at gun point-and an overall disrespect for life.  Culture norms are “we don’t snitch” or “talk to the police” and therein lies the problem.  Illegally obtained guns are plentiful.  Illegally obtained.  

Fear of the criminals will only breed MORE criminals, TAKE A STAND!

Suicide/murder:  How do we legislate the sick/evil mind?  Example, someone buys a gun in 1994, goes through a wonderful, happy married life and when the spouse decides to leave and divorce, he/she can’t take it and decides to snuff each other.  How do we prevent THAT?  Gun control?  Back ground checks?  Sigh, I have no answer…

The author of this post compares our WAR ON DRUGS equal to the WAR ON GUNS. History here, the war on drugs have been ongoing with dismal results. Certain drugs are illegal for personal use, distribution, etc.  Yet, just about every drug known, can be procured through the proper conduits, legally or illegally.  Same with guns.

Law abiding citizens do not abuse illegal or legally dispensed drugs nor do we illegally abuse our right to bear arms.  Compare the national overdose stats to accidental shootings/intentional shootings and see which holds the greatest comparison.

Bottom line here, guns don’t commit crimes and buildings don’t make a ghetto, people do.

Stay safe!