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With the increase in Medical Marijuana cards being issued in the state of Maryland, applicants and recipients of those state issued cards, are precluded from having the lawful possession, use and ownership of firearms, as per federal law. Federal form 4473 application to purchase a firearm, specifically asks if the applicant uses or is a habitual user of cannabis. Stating yes to any of the questions regarding “dangerous and controlled substances” will result in the applicants denial of the application.

All that said, it is still ambiguous and unclear how the federal government will apply the prohibitions to the law-abiding gun owners, who, for whatever reason, applied for and received the medical card, post, lawful purchase and ownership of firearms. I’m stumped.

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  • larry says:

    New laws are being enacted (MD). Please do internet searches and stay tuned to the slow erosion of our civil right to the Second Amendment, self defense, hunting, sports or collections.

    The Handgun Permit Review Board (HPRB) has been replaced with an administrative judge to determine if an applicant has enough reason to be permitted to carry a handgun, should the applicant be denied. More often than not, where citizens were denied the wear/carry permit, and the applicant appealed the decision either through an informal interview or appearing before the HPRB. The HPRB overturned the states decision to either deny or restrict permits, based on merit, by a significant percentage vs the informal review with an agent working for the state police, who commonly/historically sustained the denial.

    Please stay informed.

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