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  • Eugene Metts Jr says:

    I took a HQL class with Larry. He was very informative and helpful. A wonderful instructor and made it easy to learn. I had fun taking the class and he made feel comfortable around firearms and gun safety.

  • Michael Thorne says:

    I took Larry McClain’s HQL course. In that course, Larry teaches that the main causes of firearm injuries are ignorance and carelessness. His course greatly reduces his students’ chances of injury to self or others by giving them tools and tips to use firearms with safety and with the proper respect. The more we learn about gun safety, the less likely we are to make mistakes due to ignorance. As for carelessness, we all have control over how careful we are. We just need to be taught early on how important it is to be mindful and attentive, and we need good coaching to develop those habits. I am sure that my confidence with pistols will increase the more I practice, but Larry has already given me the foundation that I need to have a healthy respect for shooting without being afraid of it.

    I’ve worked in the education field for more than 25 years as a teacher and school administrator, so I’ve learned to recognize good teaching when I see it. Larry presented the HQL course in an engaging manner, and he provided handouts, visual aids, and hands on examples to illustrate and demonstrate the points in the course. I was admittedly nervous about course, and although Larry obviously takes safety extremely seriously, he still managed to interject humor into the course at appropriate times to put me at ease. I was surprised by how quickly the time went during the course and by how much I enjoyed it (in spite of being nervous). That’s what happens when you have an expert by your side coaching you at every step along the way.

    If you are seeking more information about Larry’s credentials, you can read about them on this site. Suffice it to say that his credentials are impressive. I found it very reassuring that I was learning from an experienced coach with a military background. I am a complete beginner, but thanks to Larry’s coaching, by the time we got to the tactical part of the course on the gun range, I felt completely ready. I can only imagine that many people who sign up for Larry’s classes are nervous at first. I know I was. If you are like me and feel less nervous when you know what to expect, this outline of my HQL course experience might help you to relax (although I’m sure Larry modifies the course depending on the needs and progress of each student):

    1. Welcome, Intro., Overview
    2. Guided Instruction on Pistol Safety, Firearm Types/Anatomy, Legal Issues, etc.
    3. Break
    4. Practice loading and unloading pistol magazines/cylinders
    5. Balance/stance tips
    6. Proper grip and “indexing”
    7. Shooting tips and dry firing (practice without ammunition)
    8. Range practice (firing 15 rounds of a 22 caliber pistol) with coaching (There was an additional fee of approximately $42 for this.)
    9. Review of range progress
    10. Cleaning the firearm safely
    11. Next steps for applying for the Handgun Qualification License
    12. Final questions/answers
    13. Receipt of HQL course completion certificate

    Larry provided all needed supplies and equipment. I only needed a driver’s license for the range and money for the range fees.

    If you are a fellow beginner with handguns and have worried about feeling foolish for not knowing more about pistols, or if you lack confidence in your ability to handle a firearm safely and/or accurately, then you would do well to learn from Larry. Not only do I feel much more comfortable handling a firearm after taking his class, but I also have gained a deeper interest in improving my shooting skill and accuracy. My initial goal was to learn how to handle a weapon to protect myself in the event that someone were to invade my home with the intent to harm me. Larry helped me to understand the benefits of challenging myself to view shooting as a sport and to strive to improve my muscle memory and accuracy over time. That new perspective has given me a purpose for using pistols that is not based in fear.

    I highly recommend Larry as an instructor for the state’s HQL course requirement and as a coach for using a pistol safely and accurately. I really appreciate Larry’s clear teaching style and also how invested he was in helping me develop a safe, solid, and healthy foundation for using handguns. Thank you, Larry.

  • Perry says:

    Loved the training!!! Larry is an awesome instructor– engaging, entertaining, logical and patient. He is also very passionate, and makes you think about gun ownership– the law, safety, security, personal rights, the views from government, local law enforcement, and others.

    His instruction is thorough, repetitive and makes you realize the “process” from start to finish. He allows you to make mistakes and then shows you what you did wrong. He never criticized. He wants you to get it right, every time.

    Worth the money and worth the time. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Ian says:

    I took a conceal class from another instructor who was 40% cheaper. After i left his class, I had no idea as to how to get the application on my computer and was given little advice on what the next steps were after the class.

    A friend took Larry’s class about the same time I did, got his permit 3 months later. Larry helped me get the ball going to get mine. From getting all the proper documentation to filling out the application on his computer. He made an extra copy of all my documents for my records. A win-win.

    Thank you Larry.

  • Ms Dee Rob says:

    Mr Larry is an awesome instructor! He is very knowledgeable and informative. He has a nurturing and humble spirit. Mr McClain is passionate about his teachings and strives to assure that you are getting the information and training you need. He stayed by my side every step of the way, (I was very nervous trying to handle the firearms, but by the time the session was over,, I was very confident!!!) I would highly recommend a session with Mr Larry for any handgun training. You would’ve thought I’ve known him for years, how warm spirited and welcoming he is.

  • Chris says:

    I am a small business owner and I wanted to get my hql/carry permit. I was introduced to Larry from a mutual friend and I was not sure what to expect as this was my first time going through anything like this. My first class with him I was really nervous going into the class but Larry was GREAT!! He is very knowledgeable and made the whole process very easy and convenient working around my schedule. I would highly recommend Larry for any of your firearm training that you want to go through, even if it is your first time holding a pistol, he will make you feel comfortable though out the training and give you the right information you will need to be and stay safe.

  • Carter says:

    Recently, my wife and I were discussing purchasing a handgun for home defense and for some target shooting at the range. When trying to figure out how to obtain a Handgun Qualification License we were trying to also consider an excellent teacher. Both for safety and for expanding our mindset on the home defense aspect. After having a conversation with Larry, it was clear that he is definitely knowledgeable and has a real passion for teaching firearm operation and safety. We immediately decided to take the course from him. The course is very interactive as it should be and if the information is used properly, you will walk out feeling like you had a lot of fun and learned valuable information you will put to use! He even gave some safety insight regarding the long gun we already had! At the end of the day, we wanted to stay and shoot some more. We hope to run into Larry at the range sometime! Awesome teacher and can probably make anyone feel comfortable handling a firearm safely! Cheers!

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