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Please review your overall experience of Appropriate Action, LLC.
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  • Samone says:

    I hate guns! They are loud and very dangerous! Mr. Mcclain did his best to help me understand the gun culture, but I still hate guns! As a semi-liberal journalist, I wanted to experience shooting a damn gun. The stress I had before the class was unbearable. When I met Mr Mcclain, he presented himself as friendly and someone who is likable. We toured the showroom and shooting range at Continental Arms, and then hiked up the darkened stairs to his office. In his office, I noticed “a video in progress” sign and asked him about it. He said wherever guns are present, there are cameras.

    Overall, he did a stellar job in educating me, but I still hate guns! Golf is much quieter and so are darts. He rationalized that putting a projectile into a specified space is the same as many other sports, and in considering golf and darts, I agree. His emphasis on safety was annoying because he kept saying TRIGGER-TRIGGER, when we were shooting, I didn’t understand, but now i get it. Remembering to not touch the trigger takes thought.

    Guns aren’t my gig, but I will be writing a piece on my overall experience with Mr Mcclain. He was great, but I still hate guns!

  • Mark Goldstein says:

    More than expected. The individual attention and the detail of instruction was excellent. Thanks, and be safe.

  • bryan h potts says:

    Larry is perfect for someone with little or no experience to someone who has a great deal of experience with guns. He helped me obtain my HQL and my conceal permit. The more time I spent with Larry the more I realized how ignorant I was towards gun safety and gun usage. He is all about and stresses gun safety at every turn. I continue to attend classes with Larry even after I obtained my conceal permit. Larry likes when I ask questions and is a tremendous instructor. He is truly an encyclopedia all things guns. From cleaning, shooting, proper handling, posture, ammo, on and on, Larry is someone you should have on your team if you decide to learn to shoot or handle guns in any way shape, form, or matter. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

  • Heather says:

    I am a member of the LGBTQ community and lean very liberal in my personal views. I don’t like men as a general rule thanks to the abuse I suffered years ago, and reached out to various like minded organizations to get my handgun license for protection against abusers, with no success. A very dear friend took Larry’s class months ago and highly recommended him. I took the chance and I am glad I did. Professional, non judgmental, has a great sense of humor and he teaches personal self defense in a non threatening but practical way. What can I say? BEST. INSTRUCTOR. EVER!!! I hope he is ready for the referrals I am sending his way even if I have to drive them myself to his office. I loved it Larry!!! Thank YOU.

  • Jonathan Fell says:

    Larry is an excellent, no nonsense instructor who focuses on safety and practical use of the gun. I took my initial course with him to purchase a handgun and was so satisfied that I immediately signed up for more instruction. My experience with Larry has been invaluable and I feel much more confident and competent handling/shooting guns at the range and in simulated self-defense situations.

  • H. Alexander Cromwell says:

    New Maryland resident looking to get my HQL- Wear & Carry permits, and went to Appropriate Action LLC for the required class and range time. I had experience going through a similar process as this as a resident of NYS in going for my CCL (concealed carry license). What I anticipated was a formal group class where I was told information and moved forward to do the rest of the process myself, which being a new resident was an intimidating concept. Upon taking the classes at Appropriate Action LLC, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the instructor would be sitting down with me for a comprehensive one on one lesson that included range time, and then worked with me through the rest of the process and stayed in regular contact until I received my desired license, which was significantly different that my expectations in the best way. I would recommend these classes to beginners, to intermediate or skilled shooters, or to anyone looking to learn more about their 2nd amendment rights, and self defense/self defense law, as the classes and process is very smooth, straightforward, and educational(especially when you consider the book on self defense law you get for the class). I now intend to take as many classes as are available, as its one of the better and less intimidating routes toward firearm use education that I’ve personally experienced.

  • Amy Augustowski says:

    To say I was nervous going into my HQL class would be the understatement of the year! I had one previous experience which left me timid and frankly hesitant to try again. I could still feel the motion of being kicked-back and hear the thunderous pop from a previously poor instructor. Larry’s knowledge and empathy to my concerns made all the difference and now I can’t wait for my next class and turn at the range. Highly recommend

  • Charles E. Flinn Jr says:

    Very much enjoyed the class with Mr. Larry. Very informative and learned many new things as well.

  • George Snediker says:

    Larry helped me get my wear and carry permit last spring and was very informative and professional

  • I met Larry at Continental Arms in Lutherville. After talking a while I learned he was an Instructor and had a few lessons, Then I had my Maryland Carry Permit done with him. He is full of so much information! He made the classes fun while learning everything I need to know plus some!

    I highly recommend Larry for everyone! You will learn more then you need to know to pass the classes and then some! He’s always just a phone call away.

    Thanks Larry!

  • Derrick L. says:

    Mr. McClain has the patience of a saint. I am an Army veteran. I’ve shot all my life and somehow couldn’t get my wife of ten years, interested in shooting. I own several pistols and some long guns. I tried to teach her some of the basics, but it always wound up she just not into it.

    Since I started a business two years ago with her, she’s the wheels that keep the bus on the road, meaning she handles all of my business dealings, financially and administratively. Personal protection is a major consideration. Mr. McClain was our choice with the process in teaching her the gun stuff as he came highly recommended and after speaking with him, our decision was made.

    His method of teaching is admirable! Patience of a saint. I was invited to sit in on the class and I re-learned some stuff myself. After the handgun qualification class, the wife K, said shooting was fun, she loved it. Thank you Larry, she can’t wait to start her conceal and carry permit training, I’ll be up for renewal next year.

  • Linzie says:

    “Hey mister Larry, I just want to reach out and let you know how much I appreciate your wisdom. Even though I took this course two years ago and didn’t complete the process, I have to tell you, I learned more in four hours than I did the whole 16 hours with the other company. You know your business and I thank you.” Linzie 12/2018

  • Dwane says:

    I really didn’t want to post this, but Larry is worth the effort. I am a correctional officer and I must qualify on my weapon once per year. I really don’t like shooting, and when qual’s came up i was sick at my stomach. Larry helped me through the shooting aspect, but also enlightened me to the fact guns are for sport. Practicing and making it fun, took the stress off. Thank you Larry!

  • Stephen T says:

    I took the HQL course last weekend and I’m glad that I did! The class was informative and structured but at the same time it was relaxed and fun. I look forward to learning more from Larry in the future.

  • Libby Bittman says:

    Larry is a true professional. He was very patient with a complete beginner(myself), and still able to engage my husband, who is an advanced handgun user. I learned a lot, my husband even learned some new things, and Larry made earning my MD handgun license a joy. I am definitely planning on signing up for more advanced courses in the future! Thank you for offering your services to the public, Larry. You are wonderful at what you do.

  • Gordon says:

    When I first learned that an 8 hour course was required to renew my handgun permit, my heart sank and my blood pressure rose. More nonsensical loops for honest people to jump through, among other dark thoughts.

    To my delight your course was interesting, practical and valuable. Your approach gave me new insights into the realities and responsibilities of carrying a gun in public, plus a lot of valuable tips and information. Thank you again for all your help, I’ll be back for more instruction!

    Gordon, DDS

  • Samantha B. says:

    I am a 75 year young grand mother. My husband is no longer with us and I needed to know how to protect myself in my home. Larry offered advice on making my home harder for the burglars. He also taught me how to shoot a revolver. He showed me the other gun, but I couldn’t load it without pain in my fingers. I have arthritis and the easy gun was my choice. He is the most patient person I have ever met. You won’t be disappointed in his instruction. Very likable!

  • Ashley says:

    I want to start this review by stating very clearly that I would not have considered myself a “gun person” before meeting Mr. Larry McClain. I took his HQL course to learn more about home protection and I was not disappointed. Mr. McClain is approachable, thorough, and very detail-oriented. Most importantly, he showed me how to appreciate gun ownership and use as a sport and a hobby rather than as a means of doing damage to someone or something – this made the whole process so much more comfortable. Larry takes his job very seriously, and in my opinion he should. Since my HQL class I have met with him several other times and each time I learn more and more about responsible gun ownership. I have no doubt that I will continue to learn from him in the future.

  • Doug says:

    I agree! The instructor is very experienced in teaching people who have no experience with firearms and making them immediately comfortable learning about, and handling handguns. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of firearms and presents the material in a fun and understandable way. The instructor teaches the pros and the newbies and totally relates to all students. The School’s classroom is very comfortable and very convenient from the Baltimore Beltway. A great place to learn.

  • Dean says:

    What a great class! Very personable and informative. As a beginner into the world of shooting, you took the time that I needed in order for me to understand all the information.

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